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Day One (Cont.)

Barajas Airport

semi-overcast 10 °C

Not surprisingly, I'm really quite tired. Not enough, however, to fall asleep at any place, at any time, like in the Madrid metro, for example, a sport which I'm really quite good at. I am a world champion sleeper so I can't wait until I come down from the adrenaline which is pretty much keeping me awake.

Last night was really quite special. Done all I planned and spent alot of time with both the 'wee yin' and friends. The champagne party was a nice touch by Mr and Mrs Frenchie and the evening was filled with a lot of guitar, smoke, more guitar followed by some more champagne, and a glass of water.

Guess what? Even though I made a list online I totally forgot two important things. Suncream and mosquito repellant. I probably got the least important thing I needed right now, and that was a nice sweet smelling fragrance by Davidoff, called, wait for it.....'adventure'. Thanks to the the sales asistant at el corte ingl├ęs, whom I must say did a fantastic job by selling me something which I really didn't need, I have added another to my vastly growing collection of perfumes. She didn't just sell me the biggest bottle of the eau de toilette either, she convined me to buy the boxed edition which came with a free 'adventuresque' looking notebook (string around the sides and a pencil holder, you know, cheap and nasty). In all honesty I have no idea for what to use it for. Any ideas folk? If nobody comes up with a world beater I'll need to come up with something myself. Log in below, let me know.

So, I'm at the airport now. I decided to get a cab. It only took 15 minutes but was well worth the 30 bucks I paid because it could've taken up to 50 minutes in the metro where the cost would only have been, well, nought, because I have an abono (transport pass). It did save alot of unnecessary pre-flight stress. The Check-in queue was not so long, nevertheless, it was too good to be true. I was told by the check-in attendent that there was a possibility I would not fly. It appeared my name was spelled incorrectly on the flight booking printout meaning it pretty much looked dodgy to her. Mind you, picture this. A bearded Scotsman flying from Madrid to Bangkok with a name which doesn't match on his passport might look a bit shady indeed.

It seems many people get confused with my name. I've been called both Alexander and David in Spain and on few occasions Alexander David. I'm never Gary thus why I have gotten used to using my full name. Nevertheless, I digress. Having not paid too much attention to the flight ticket, assuming that the details were all okay, it turned out the reservation was in the name of a such 'Alexander Weir/DavidMr'. No Gary whatsoever. As my ticker was skipping beats yet thumping at a thousand a minute, she decided to avoid complications for both her and I and thankfully proceeded to print out and give me the boarding pass. She did hint, though, that on my return to Madrid I may encounter difficulties. To avoid this I have been told to get in touch with the travel agency. Leticia, if you read this can you sort this out for me please...pretty please.

Going through security was also another regrettable event.

"es tuyo', asked the guard pointing to my over sized hand luggage. Curiously, as he demanded my answer other bags continued to pass through the belt, going completely ignored.

"si, es mio", I naturally replied, obeying authority.

"Pasalo otra vez", so I proceeded to pass it through again.

Suddenly, the gate alarm went nuts, ringing out to the whole area. As I walked through the gate to the sound of the loud din, I noticed a concerned look on a couple. No doubt, the whole queue had fixed their eyes on me too. Obviously, I didn't fear anything. Only a real passenger with mal intent would, I'd imagine. So, I popped the bag on the conveyor belt, but this time was told to put it face down. It was later revealed by the the guard that I had initially put it through 'standing up', if you know what I mean.

So, the conclusion is, flying is a pain in the a**e. Maybe a bit like having a hundred mosquito bites in a hot and clammy Bangkok city centre. I mean, we have to take off our belt and shoes. Which, in my opinion, is really quite degrading.

It's half an hour to the flight. There's no Wifi in the airport to upload this, and there's no Noemi to say 'hi' to either. Where is she???? I didn't get her mobile number either which would've have helped in the event of any problems, i.e. in situations like this.

Anyway, I won't be talking on the flight. I'll be sleeping.

Dreamin' the dream (whilst sleeping).

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